Neugart HLAE

Economy hygienic design planetary gearbox

Neugart have used their 80 years of engineering experience to develop a hygienic gearbox to meet and exceed the environmental demands of the most arduous applications.

The new series is based on the design of Neugart's market leading PLE series. The HLAE is designed to meet and exceed the highest hygienic requirements.

More than just a stainless steel gearbox, the HLAE is the solution to the pharmaceutical and food processing industry’s need for a hygienic and easy cleanable gearbox. Even the common market standards were exceeded. For example, when designing the gearbox necessary screws were left out. No radial screws are needed at the outersurface (which are normally required). This geometry ensures an optimum cleaning property and a maximum hygiene.

In addition, the HLAE is designed to be extremely flexible in orientation and installation. This includes optionally available sealing kits, allowing an OEM to integrate the gearbox into their motor mounting surface.


  • 3 sizes 70/90/110 
  • 16 Ratios 3:1 - 100:1 
  •  Torque 33Nm - 171Nm 
  • Output shaft Smooth / keyed 
  • Backlash <7 to <12 arc mins 
  • Input speeds Up to 13,000rpm

For particularly flexible installations

Designed for free positioning, the HLAE sealing kit provides the highest level of hygienic protection and is therefore the ideal universal solution for a wide range of machine wall thicknesses. It can therefore be connected to the machine with the maximum flexibility

Certified protection 

The HLAE is unique in the world. It is the first planetary gearbox to be awarded a 3-A RPSCQC certificate. It is thus ideal for the industrial production of food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics

Fast and easy to clean 

The electropolished surface is one of the main features of our HLAE planetary gearbox. It exceeds the usual hygiene standards and allows for fast aseptic cleaning, even under high pressure




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