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What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is what manufacturers are calling the fourth industrial revolution. It is a coming age of automation and big data exchange in manufacturing technology.

This includes trends such as cloud computing, advanced analytics, and machines and that can communicate with each other and people, as well as predict mechanical failures and react autonomously to trigger maintenance. Unexpected downtimes will become a very rare occurrence.

How does this affect me and how can I prepare?

Think about the structure of your organisation and how you can achieve greater connectivity. Get ready for more efficient processes, less waste and less waiting, which will lead to reduced costs for your company.

But keep in mind, you won’t yield successful results if you aren’t prepared with the right team of people to handle what’s to come in the future of Industry 4.0. With monumental growth, also comes challenge. Don’t wait to act! 

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What will the Seminars cover?

Good question, our seminars are aimed at OEM's, System Integrators and End Users. 

It may be that you're looking to harness data from machines and the physical infrastructure you already own. Alternatively you may be getting pressure from your customers to provide these solutions. 

Whetever your situation, changes are coming, and the widespread adoption of systems and technologies that implement Industry 4.0 is already happening among forward thinking manufacturers. 

So don’t think of Industry 4.0 simply as a concept with only theoretical appeal. Dig a little deeper and realise it's practical substance, with technology that can be implemented today to deliver real benefits in all areas of production..

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