Marine Winch System: Slave to a Tensioner

The application was for a Winch system that would act as a slave to a tensioner. It’s job being to maintain a controlled set tension on the product during loading and unloading, to and from carousels housed within a ship.

The solution that HMK provided, consisted of the following. During pay out operation of the tensioner, the winch, whilst in torque mode will automatically maintain a controlled tension within the product. Whilst during pay in operations of the tensioner, the winch, again in torque mode, will automatically recover and maintain a controlled tension within the product.

In speed mode, the winch will run at a controlled speed either paying in or out at the speed set by the operator up to a maximum tension, again also set by the operator.

The winch is driven using a frequency converter enabling variable line tension to be achieved. The inverter is able to maintain tension at, and through, zero speed and can be operated either locally at the control panel or remotely via a walk around panel.

Benefits to the company were numerous. Firstly, energy that was generated during pay out can be returned to the vessel, utilising a Siemens active line module. The application now has a smaller footprint and reduced operating costs and DNV marine specification.

HMK also wrote the drive control software and commissioned the winch on-board the vessel. Along with this, HMK also provided the Complete Integrated Drive System solution.

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