Mechanical System Redesign Completed by HMK

The customer, a high-end converting machine manufacturer based in Accrington, needed to redesign a mechanical system; comprising of a single drive motor and complex mechanical linkages to a dual axis system with electrical synchronisation. HMK became the company’s first choice due to a positive relationship that had been established as a result of previous successful project partnerships.

The aim of redesigning the mechanical system was to upgrade their film coating machine from a fully mechanical solution to a complete electrical solution. Thus, removing complex mechanics and enabling the machine to be more flexible when different products required processing. Therefore, improving their current machine by adding innovative new technology to an existing process.

Whilst supplying our motion and control expertise from experience gained over a combined 300 years, along with in-depth product and application knowledge, a number of onsite meetings took place at the customer’s establishment in Accrington. As a result, a thorough understanding of the customer’s requirement was realised, allowing HMK to size and select the correct products accompanied by precise expertise, leading to success. Among the products which were selected, a Siemens SIMATIC S7-1500T (1511T-1 PN) was used. This enabled the customer to use electrically generated CAM profiles as well as electrical synchronisation between the two axes.

On completion of the project installation, HMK provided their post-sale assistance which consisted of:

  • Basic drive commissioning
  • Drive system optimisation: tuning, torque and speed optimisation
  • Setting up extended safety functions on the drives
  • Assisting in motion programming at the PLC level

Subsequently, the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) now has a new machine to take to market. Their engineers also have a better 

understanding of the supplied kit, meaning that they will be self-sufficient in the future. Due to HMK’s expertise in commissioning, the company also benefited from reduced time in machine commissioning.

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