Updated version of TMFlow software for Techman TM5 Robot released

Released at the beginning of August, an update to the TM Flow v1.62 provides many new features to the TM5 robot. As the official UK partner for Techman Robot, HMK have been evaluating this latest release and in addition to optimisations of the user interface there are a number of key benefits - Read on below


Modbus TCP Communication

In addition to the existing TCP/IP communication it is now possible to integrate the TM5 robot into your automation solution using Modbus TCP communication. Acting as a Modbus TCP server, it is possible to read a range of status and diagnostic information from the robot including joint, base and tool coordinates, operating mode, and current and power utilisation. The ability to be able both read and write to the digital and analogue IO is included as well as feature to execute the functions of the Robot Stick such as Play, Pause, Stop and speed increment and decrement.

In order to increase the flexibility of this functionality in a range of automation solutions, Modbus RTU has also been implemented using the onboard RS485 communication port. For the full feature list of the Modbus TCP and RTU communication please contact us for further information.

Touch Stop

Adding to the existing library of commands in the TMFlow programming library, the Touch Stop feature adds new possibilities for using TM5 in challenging applications. Using the precision control of the servos in the robot arm, Touch Stop is able to learn the position of an object using torque feedback and then continue to use this learnt position in the program runtime. 

The feature can be expanded by use of external sensors in applications where physical contact with the object is not desirable. Combined with existing features such as Compliance which allows the robot arm to exert a defined force in a set vector, means that TM5 is able to perform in the widest range of applications.


Safety Stop

The operation of the Safety Stop which allows the robot to perform a Category 2 Stop has been expanded. The Category 2 Stop, which allows the servos in the robot arm to remain active but in a safe state, can now be programmed to resume automatically on reset of the Safety Stop input. This is in addition to the original behaviour which requires the press of the Play/Pause button on the Robot Stick to resume motion. TM5 incorporates 2 Safety Stop inputs in addition to the external E-Stop input and E-Stop button on the Robot Stick. Safety functions on TM5 are implemented in conformance with ISO13849-1, ISO10218-1 and ISO/TS15066.

For more information or support with updating your TM5 to the latest version, or for a demonstration of the features of TM5 robot please contact HMK


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