SIMATIC Drive Controller

The SIMATIC Drive Controller optimally integrates the SIMATIC S7-1500 controller and the SINAMICS S120 drive system. That means important benefits when you turn innovative machine designs into reality.

Ultra-compact controller and drive system

Combining the SIMATIC S7-1500 controller with motion control functionality and the SINAMICS S120 drive system in a single device saves a lot of space. Integrated technology I/Os and powerful communication interfaces mean you can efficiently turn your automation solution into reality.

Scalability made easy for all performance classes

Identical interfaces across all performance classes make the SIMATIC Drive Controller particularly easy to scale in terms of motion control and PLC performance. Other drive systems (e.g. SINAMICS S120, SINAMICS S210) can also be connected to the SIMATIC Drive Controller, in addition to the integrated drive control.

Powerful to suit high-end applications

Extensive motion control functions, cross-PLC synchronous operation, and kinematic functions make the SIMATIC Drive Controller ideal for production machines with high axis quantity structures. All applications using the highly dynamic SINAMICS S120 multi-axis drive system will benefit from its extensive interfaces and high performance.

Integrated safety functions

The SIMATIC Drive Controller offers integrated safety functionality for controller and drive rolled into one, enabling consistent solution that meet the most challenging demands on personal and machine safety. Flexible machine designs including safety functions can be efficiently implemented in this way.

Easy to use

Engineering of the SIMATIC Drive Controller takes place as usual in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) with SIMATIC STEP 7 and SINAMICS Startdrive. Efficient engineering, minimal effort required for cabling and assembly, and centralized data management on one SIMATIC memory card reduce the time and effort needed to turn machine designs into reality.

Two systems, one device

The SIMATIC Drive Controller brings together what sophisticated machine designs need: Motion control functions of the Technolgy CPU with a versatile drive system – all in a single compact controller.
Integrating the fail-safe Technology CPU and the SINAMICS control unit (CU) within the chassis of a SINAMICS CU saves a lot of space in the control cabinet. The strengths of the SIMATIC Drive Controller combined with the SINAMICS S120 multi-axis system come to the fore in systems with three, four, or more axes. The package also includes integrated safety functions, so no separate safety CPU is needed. Like all other SIMATIC products, the engineering takes place in the TIA Portal, saving time on parameterization, which is completed easily in a single environment. The many interfaces and the new “cross-PLC synchronous operation” enable the efficient creation of modular machine designs.


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