Which coupling do I require?

Backlash-free, Precision, or motion control couplings, provide precise transmission of velocity, angular positioning, and torque. We offer a range of Backlash-free couplings, typically used in machine tools, printing and packaging machines.

Within these two types exist a variety of precision coupling styles.

Metal Disc: For precise servo applications requiring flexibility, durability and high torsional rigidity at an attractive price. Clamp screw access holes are needed in bell housings, this coupling is not designed to be split.

Elastomer, Jaw : Ideal for applications where the coupling needs to be pushed together from either side of a bell housing, without the need for access holes.

Bellows: For precision reversing drives, very torsionally rigid. 0.1Nm to 5,000Nm. Clamp or expanding Hubs. Bores of 2 to 90mm

Composite Disk: Designed for demanding applications where the coupling needs to endure reversing loads and higher misalignment. Aerospace grade composite disc material for a long service life and commands a higher price than other servo couplings.


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